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Eastern Deciduous Forests

In the northeastern U.S., partners are helping reinvigorate private forestry as a viable—and sustainable—industry. After decades of harvesting valuable trees from forests and leaving the rest, eastern deciduous forests are a monoculture of same-age or same-species trees, lacking both market value and healthy wildlife populations. WLFW “hit the reset button” by working with forest owners to establish young forest stands and restore economic value and abundant wildlife such as white tailed deer, turkey, ruffed grouse, and rarer species like the golden-winged warbler.


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Working Lands for WildlifeFramework for Deciduous Forests

A Framework for Conservation Action



A Systematic Map of Bird-vegetation Relationships in Eastern and Boreal Forests

This tool allows users to search for literature on bird species-vegetation relationships in eastern and boreal forests of North America.