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Prescribed Fire Councils Page

Prescribed Fire Councils

Prescribed Fire Councils (PFCs) allow private landowners, fire practitioners, agencies, non-governmental organizations, policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders to network and share information related to prescribed fire; however, the purpose of each PFC differs based on their state’s needs. Many councils in the Western United States focus on promoting prescribed fire through policies and regulations, while many in the South primarily focus on sharing information, techniques, and experiences among practitioners.

According to the most recent Prescribed Fire Use Survey Report (Melvin, 2018), 35 Prescribed Fire Councils currently exist in 31 states, with two currently in development. Some states, such as Florida and Georgia, have multiple Councils to better address region-specific issues.

You can find information about your local Prescribed Fire Council, if one exists, on the Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils website. The Coalition not only promotes “the appropriate use of prescribed fire for enhancing public safety, managing resources, and sustaining environment quality,” but also encourages and facilitates the organization of Prescribed Fire Councils in states that lack them.

The Southern Fire Exchange also maintains a list of currently scheduled Southern PFC meetings that you can use to connect with the Prescribed Fire Council in your state.